European Digital Cinema Forum


The following groups have been established to tackle the three most important current issues as recognised by EDCF members

1) "Polished DCI 1.0"; to produce recommended practices for improving image and sound in cinema based on current standards.

Members:- Julian Pinn (Chairman),Siegfried Foessel, Mark Kendall, Rich Philips, Frank de Neeve, Tom Bert, Chris Mullins, Tim Everett, Angelo D'Alessio

2) Electronic delivery; standardisation of electronic delivery and recommended practices for content mastering

Members:- Rich Philips (Chairman) Eyvind Ljungquist, Cathy Huis in 't veld-Esser, Chris Mullins, Tim Everett

3) Guide to lasers and illumination; a guide to current laser technologies

Members:- David Hancock (Chairman), Bill Beck, Mark Clowes, Mark Kendal, Tom Bert

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