European Digital Cinema Forum


Conference Room G102/G103, RAI Amsterdam 15:30 â€" 18:15

Presentations will include:-

David Hancock Cinema Technology in focus

John Hurst Cinema Distribution in the Age of Ubiquitous Data

Julian Pinn Towards a solution for pre-show quality conformance

Tom Bert Barco Laser projection status

CJ Flynn The current evolution of Loudness issues in Cinema as well as updates about some exciting new science in the field of hearing rejuvenation.

Mark Stephen Electronic distribution â€" the current situation across Europe

Andy Maltz Archiving standardisation, next generation cinema, HDR and more

Toby Glover EDCF/UNIC SMPTE DCP project â€" the plan and results to date

Chris Witham Disneyâ€ôs SMPTE DCP experience

Rich Welsh â€úThe secret life of JPEG2000â€Ě the good, the bad and ugly of JPEG2000 and how to get better performance without re-writing standards.

Cedric Lejeune EclairColour—another route to HDR

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