European Digital Cinema Forum

EDCF @ IBC 2016

EDCF is heavily involved in the Big Screen programme at this year's IBC. Following on from many years of providing exciting and informative cinema sessions at IBC, this year's Big Screen programme promises to be the best ever with the best of new technologies and leading creatives pushing the technological boundaries.

The EDCF Global Update session will be on Sunday September 11th and will bring delegates up to speed with the latest business and technology developments in cinema around the world.

We will offer a review of the state of the world-wide cinema industry, technology developments and the success, or otherwise, of the business.

The introduction and development of laser projection technologies is bringing new operational challenges for cinema operators; what are these and how are they being dealt with?

"Cinema Distribution in the Age of Ubiquitous Data" will examine the possibilities for cinema distribution in environments having massive storage and network connectivity. We will also examine how far electronic delivery has progressed in Europe.

The long-awaited and long-debated transition to SMPTE DCPs is now becoming an operational reality. The importance of this move and how it is being managed in Europe will be explained.

"Loudness, the science and the politics" will bring a new slant on this often debated topic.

These and many more areas of interest will be exposed in this fast-moving, interactive session

This and all the Big Screen sessions are Free Entry

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