European Digital Cinema Forum


The EDCF Global Update Session at IBC will be on Sunday 13th September 15:45—18:15 in room E102 at the RAI

Entry to this session and all Big Screen Sessions is free but you will need to register for the exhibition.

An annual fixture of IBC, the EDCF Global Update session brings you up to speed with the latest business, technology and quality developments in cinema around the world. Leading practitioners share their experience and learnings, looking at up-to-the-minute issues. Many salient questions will be answered in this crowded and fast moving session that keeps each presentation short and focused.

David Hancock will lead off with a digital technology update, a look at premium cinema issues and will offer some thoughts on the position of cinema in the value chain.

LIPA's Chairman, Jan Daem will provide an update on European legislation surrounding laser illumination.

2D HFR 3D may not have taken off, but as film makers and consumers move rapidly to 4K, 8K, 120fps Wide Colour Gamut and High Dynamic Range Rich Welsh from Sundog will examine the practical challenges of this proliferation of formats and look at the impact that this has on cinema continuing to deliver the highest quality on the big screen.

Since Julian Pinn's Loudness Update at EDCF IBC 2013, the Global Cinema Advertising Association (SAWA) has now concluded its work. Results of SAWA's survey and its updated recommendations will be presented as will any new work emanating from the recent international standards meetings of ISO/TC36--Cinematography. The loss of film--and the control that film's proprietary audio vendors had that they no longer have with D-Cinema--has created a big problem of conformity for cinemas that now receive content from a wide variety of disparate sources. The issue of accessible measurement and QC conforming will also be addressed.

ACES 1.0: A Global Digital Production Infrastructure Standard.

The Academy Color Encoding System, finalized in December, 2014, is integrated into products from over 20 manufacturers and is being used in motion picture and television productions worldwide. The Academy's Andy Maltz will describe ACES 1.0, the first production-ready release of the system and how it is being used today to enable reliable digital image interchange, consistent color management and long-term archiving.

The long-awaited and long-debated transition to SMPTE DCPs is now becoming an operational reality. Chairman of the EDCF/UNIC project group, Dave Monk, will explain the importance of this move and how it is being managed in Europe.

Cinecert's John Hurst will summarise progress on automated key delivery and other topics on the ISDCF agenda

Fraunofer's Siegfried Foessel will demonstrate new movie production methods based on Lightfield Technology. It will be explained, how the workflow based on Nuke plugins is realized and what results could be achieved in a test production together with the Stuttgart Media University HDM.

Finally, Francois Helt from Highland Technologies will offer his latest thoughts on screen brightness measurement issues.

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