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Dimension 3, the international Forum of new images presents the state of the art in hardware and applications in the field of new images, from creation to display. A must-attend European event for all professionals who include new images into their development strategy, Dimension 3 provides a meeting hub for creation, production and visualization. International experts gather to share their experiences and their projects on 4K, HFR, cloud technologies, augmented reality and S3D applied to filming, workflows and screening. The Forum's 2013 edition inaugurates the Big Shoot, a life-size filming set with a unique environment allowing visitors to test new generations of cameras, 3D, 4K, high frame rate filming, DSLR, etc., and view, edit or grade the images on post-production workstations. Dimension 3 also offers an exhibition area, a Talents' Wall (a networking platform for young graduates and recruiters), a series of conferences, a 3D/4K competition, and a 3D film festival in theaters throughout Seine-Saint-Denis. Dimension 3 2013 will take place at the Docks De Paris in La-Plaine-Saint-Denis (Paris area) from June 18 to 20!

As part of Dimension3, on Tuesday June 18th, EDCF will present the seminar

"What's new in my movie Theatre "

Now that the transition to digital technology in cinemas is approaching completion, attention is moving towards the next phase of technological developments.

Higher Frame-rates offer the potential of greater resolution and a wider range of creative options for Producers and Cinematographers

Laser Illumination offers the potential for brighter 3D images and lower running costs but when will this technology be available at an affordable price?

New developments in screen technology look set to solve the "hot spot" problem that has been irritating audiences and creatives alike and to enable high quality 2D & 3D presentations to be delivered on the same screen.

These and other developments will be discussed in this seminar from the European Digital Cinema Forum


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