European Digital Cinema Forum


At the Annual Operators night of the Society in Pinewood on friday last week, the American director and guest of honour John Landis, on the 60th Anniversary of the founding of British Society of Cinematographers, presented the Awards.

Paul Collard (Ascent Media) was presented the "ARRI John Alcott Memorial Award" for his dedication and help in founding "The Image Forum", an association of representatives from a broad range of industry companies and professions; its function being to address issues relating to the image quality of both British and international feature film and television productions.

Kommer Kleijn SBC (IMAGO) received the "Bert Easey Award for technical achievement" for his dedication in the implemention of the 60 fps frame rate proposals as an addition to International standards for digital projection. See also

I would like to stress that this would never have been achieved without the EDCF and the dedication of many of its members with in particular John Graham, Peter Wilson, Jim Wilkinson, late Charlie Sandbank and ... Paul Collard!

Best regards!, many thanks to all!,

Kommer Kleijn.

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