European Digital Cinema Forum


On Sunday September 13th the EDCF/SMPTE Technical and Post-Production Workshop examines issues in digital workflow, metadata in post-production and archives. There will also be a look at the latest developments in 3D subtitling

Monday is 3D Day—3D in the Movies and 3D in the Home

In Tuesday's EDCF meeting we look at the market position with Screen Digest for both 2D and 3D systems.

Developments at TI, including the newly announced 4K technology, will be discussed along with a series of presentations on technical and commercial challenges. Presentations on certification and testing of DCI compliant equipment together with proposals to address digital archiving and a look at the work of the EDCF Technical Support Group promise to make this a busy but very informative session. It closes with a refreshment reception for further networking.

The Sunday Workshop and Tuesday meeting are Free if you have registered for the Exhibition and registration for the Exhibition is Free if you do this on-line before August 11th.

Monday's 3D Day is not free but will be worth the money when you see the list of contributors

See the Conference Programme at and the free events which are in the "Added Value" section

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