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D-Cinema Conference in Athens June 11th


«Digital Cinema: Current Trends & Future Perspectives»

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Press Centre

Secretariat General of Communication

Secretariat General of Information


The Hellenic Audiovisual Institute is organizing an one-day conference on "Digital Cinema: Current Trends and Future Perspectives" on the 11th of June in Athens. The aim of the conference is to examine all aspects and changes brought about by the introduction of digital technology in the film industry.

The digital challenge is situated in the heart of discussions and negotiations among interested parties within the film industry in Europe and internationally. This challenge is equally relevant to the Greek reality of the industry, although digital cinema is still on an early stage of development in the country. There are indeed several issues—of technological, economic, commercial, legal and creative nature, to be dealt with, in order to achieve a successful transition to the digital era. The aim of the conference is to initiate a constructive dialogue among the bodies involved in order to facilitate the transition to digital cinema at the national level. Foreign and local professional experts will contribute to the conference, presenting their views and analyzing all changes occurring within the film industry.

The conference will open with greetings from the Minister of Culture, Mr. Michalis Liapis, and the Secretary General of Communication, Mrs Margarita Papada- Chimona. The first session aims to present a map of digital cinema developments in Greece and internationally, as well as to specify the particular challenges resulting from its introduction. Guest speakers in the first session are: David Hancock, Head of Cinema at Screen Digest, Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Analyst at the Department for Legal Information of European Audiovisual Observatory, George Papalios, President of the Greek Film Centre and Vassilis Kessisoglou, Consultant at the Ministry of Culture. The second session will analyze the challenges occurring in film production as a result of the move away from celluloid. Guest speakers in the second session are: Peter Wilson, Director of Technology at the European Digital Cinema Forum, Christine Kallas—Kalogeropoulou, President of the European Scriptwriters Federation and Assistant Professor of the Film Studies Dept. of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Thessaloniki, Dimitris Pontikas, Director—Producer and Vice-President of the Greek Directors Guild, Vassilis Katsoufis, President of the Association of Greek Independent Audiovisual Producers, Luc Pourrinet from Arane-Gulliver Laboratories, Aggelos Viskadourakis, Representative of the Greek Union of Film Television and Audiovisual Technicians and Despina Mouzaki, Assistant Professor of the Film Studies Dept. of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Thessaloniki and Director of Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The final session will look into distribution and exhibition challenges. Speakers participating in the third session are: Antoine Virenque, General Secretary of the International Federation of Film Distributors' Associations (FIAD) and Vice President of European Digital Cinema Forum, Kira Kitsopanidou, Associated professor of the University Sorbonne Nouvelle/Paris 3 at the Department of Film and Audiovisual Studies, Peggy Karatzopoulou—Vavali, Member of the Administration Committee of the Association of Theatrical Distributors of Greece and Member of the Executive Committee of Europa Distribution and Leonidas Papageorgiou, Member of the Administration Board of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Cinema Exhibitors.

The conference will be held at the Press Centre, Secretariat General of Communication—Secretariat General of Information (11, Fragoudi & Al.Pantou Str.,

Kallithea, Athens). The event is open to the public. Arrivals and Registration start at 09:30.

For further information please visit the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute website at

Athens, 3 June 2008

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