European Digital Cinema Forum

EDCF Election

The European Digital Cinema Forum recently held its bi-annual elections for Board membership for the coming two year period. There are several new Board members, and the overall Board covers a very wide range of the cinema business and across European countries.

This breadth is a unique strength of the EDCF and is important for a membership-based group so that we can continue to take into account all of our members†interests and provide real value to the industry as a whole.

In a very competitive election, members voted the following people onto the Board:

Angelo dâ€Alessio â€" Venice film Festival, Italy

Oleg Berezin â€" Neva Film, Russia

Tom Bert â€" Barco, Belgium

Tammo Buhren â€" ZweiB, Germany

David Hancock â€" IHS Markit, UK

Dave Hodgkinson â€" Universal Studios, UK

Cathy Huis in tâ€veld Esser â€" Gofilex, Netherlands

Matt Jahans â€" Harkness Screens, UK

Julian Pinn â€" Julian Pinn Ltd., UK

Jan Runge â€" ICTA, Germany

Patrick von Sychowski â€" Celluloid Junkie, UK

Jack Watts â€" Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema

The Boardâ€s first action was to renew the mandate of current President David Hancock, which was unopposed.

David Hancock comments â€I would like to thank everyone who stood as a Board member in these elections, the most competitive I can remember. I was impressed by the range and industry stature of the candidates and am heartened by that. It is a very good sign for the EDCFâ€s future that our membership is so active.

I would like to thank the last Board for their hard work over the past two years, which has seen the EDCF re-energised and imbued with a new sense of purpose. I also wish to thank those that have stood down from the Board for their longstanding commitment and service to the EDCF and wish them good luck in their continuing venturesâ€.

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