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EDCF ANNUAL CONVENTION November 21st & 22nd

Annual Convention in Stockholm
1 October 2018 :: Read more of EDCF ANNUAL CONVENTION November 21st & 22nd ...


EDCF's Global Update to feature at IBC
18 July 2018 :: Read more of EDCF @ IBC ...

EDCF Election

EDCF elects new Board and renews the President's mandate
9 July 2018 :: Read more of EDCF Election ...

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What is EDCF?

The EDCF is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that aims to act as a "Forum" to discuss key issues surrounding Digital Cinema in Europe.

The purpose of EDCF is to provide a basis of common understanding across all European territories of the business and technical matters of digital cinema. We were established in 2000, before the widespread rollout of digital cinema technology, in order to accompany the rollout and minimise any impact on European cinema, as well as putting forward a European point of view of cinema technology within global standards organisations. Our work has now widened to include all technologies in cinema.

Membership is open to any organisation or individual with a genuine interest in furthering the knowledge and understanding of digital cinema.

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